Dr. Helms


I encourage you to take an active role in your healthcare.  Healing is not only the absence of symptoms, but includes increased well-being, creativity and freedom.  The World Health Organization states that “health is not only the absence of infirmity and disease but also a state of physical, mental and social well-being.”

My goal is to find the medicine that works for you.  That medicine may be blueberries, acupuncture needles or pharmaceutical drugs.  The point is to return the body to a balanced state. Each of us has a vast capacity for change and healing!

Best regards,

Stephun Helms, N.M.D.



Dr. Helms is a licensed and board certified naturopathic medical doctor (since 2001) and has completed residencies in oncology, energy medicine, and therapeutic fasting. He is formerly adjunct professor of physiology and microbiology at Central Wyoming College, associate editor of Alternative Medicine Review, and technical advisor for Thorne Research. Published in peer-reviewed journals on topics ranging from cancer and sinusitis to gluten-associated diseases Dr. Helms also regularly lectures at professional conferences and has presented workshops in Mind/Body Medicine at medical schools in the US and Canada. He has championed the growth of naturopathic medicine through co-founding both the Naturopathic Society at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Teton Wellness Institute (a non-profit organization that serves the Idaho-Wyoming border). He continues to be an avid reader, skier and soccer enthusiast who finds a 95% vegan diet benefits him as does yoga, a good movie, or a hike that leaves the trail.


General Practice and Health Promotion
Extensive experience treating Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer as well as Thyroid and Autoimmune disorders
Appreciation for guiding the body to heal itself


Restoring health is a process dependent upon each individual’s ability to heal (vitality). Stimulating this “vital force” distinguishes healing from suppressing or masking symptoms.

Treatment must 1) not cause harm, 2) protect the body from danger, and 3) work to increase vitality.

Treatments are customized for you and your condition. Each healthcare plan is integrated to include lifestyle change as well as supportive care options to send the body down the road of healing. Healthcare plans are reviewed and discussed so that they are workable for you. They are modified to meet conditions as they naturally change and evolve. Fortunately there are many options (acupuncture, IV therapy, herbs, diet, drugs, manipulation of joints, etc.) to meet varying situations as you change over hours, weeks and years.


Diet, Cleansing, Fasting
Exercise and mobility training
Sleep hygiene
Supportive Care

Nutritional and Therapeutic IV Therapy
Dietary Supplements and Alternative Medicines
(Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Homeopathics, etc.)
Pharmaceutical Drugs
Acupuncture/Energetic Therapies
Therapy/adjustment to joints, bones, and muscles
Counseling and Lifestyle Coaching



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